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When the answer is carpet

Sometimes, as homeowners, we can save a great deal of time by simply going with our heart’s desire for flooring, and for many, that desire is carpet. Whether it’s a deep-seated fondness of the material because it’s what you grew up with or because it simply works best for your home, it’s definitely worth taking a look at this amazing material. Now, more than ever, benefits abound in this product line. In addition to the well-known soft underfoot feel, you get amazing functionality and a great lifespan as well.

At Builders Warehouse, we offer a great selection of floor coverings and products, as well as outstanding customer service. With a focus on complete customer satisfaction, you’ll find our flooring specialists are standing by, ready to assist you, from the moment you walk into either of our showrooms in Kearney and Grand Island, NE. From there we serve the communities of Kearney, Grand Island, Lexington, Broken Bow, Shelton, NE, and Phillipsburg, KS. We hope you’ll stop in when you’re in the area and allow us the honor of gaining your business as well.

Carpet could be your next new flooring

In many situations, carpet just makes more sense than any other floor covering. For instance, if you have very young or very elderly residents in your home, this material is a more stable surface for them. It provides a level of safety that will enhance your peace of mind as well as their living circumstances. Slips and falls will be reduced, but even if they do happen, they aren’t as likely to cause serious injuries.

It’s also a great choice for heat retention. The fact is, both carpet and its underpadding act as extra layers of insulation. The heat inside your home is then confined inside for longer periods of time, which means your furnace won’t run nearly as long or as often. In the end, you stay warmer but you’ll also see a reduction in your heating bill. It’s truly a winning situation.

Professional installation is very important for anyone considering carpet flooring. Unless you’ve been a carpet installer in the past, or have done many projects around the material, you probably don’t have the experience necessary for installation success. The good news is, professional installation will cost far less than having to repair or replace your flooring because of novice installation mistakes. Your flooring specialist can answer all your questions concerning installation and aftercare, so be sure to ask about it.

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